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Storage Companies That Allow 24 Hour Access

July 8, 2020

Storage Companies that Allow 24 Hour AccessWho Allows 24-Hour Access to a Storage Unit?

Are you looking for a storage company that has 24-hour availability? If you need 24-hour storage access, your options may be smaller than you might expect. While many storage companies open 24 hours, this doesn’t always mean that this access is available to you. Finding a storage unit nearby may be a bit more challenging. Not every location in a large storage chain may really be open around the clock, or they might have restrictions on who can use their 24-hour service.

People need to use storage for a variety of reasons, and sometimes 24-hour storage access is necessary. If you are moving home, self-storage can help you keep your possessions safe, but this may mean that you need access to your things outside of normal business hours. However, businesses are more likely to be able to access their storage units at any time of the day or night, when ordinary customers face restrictions.

Finding Storage Companies that Open 24 Hours

Nationally operated storage businesses might appear to offer you 24-hour access to your storage unit, but you may not find that this is the case. The opening times can vary between facilities even when they seem to be operated by the same business. Some of these storage facilities may be franchises, or the manager has been given responsibility for setting the opening hours, leading to differences.

While a national storage business might give you some information about their locations, they might not provide accurate opening times or details of the services provided at each facility.

Your nearest storage may only allow you access after hours at the discretion of the manager. You need to make sure that you will be able to access the storage unit when you need it through coordination with the facility. This could mean that you need extra services like keypad access that could come with additional charges.

Searching for Local 24 Hour Storage

Searching for 24 hour access storage companiesJumping on Google to search for storage companies open 24 hours should give you a lot of options to pick from. There will be well-known businesses as well as more local storage facilities in your search results. Though it will be tempting to go with the well-known brands you’ve heard of, local businesses might offer better 24-hour access.

While you will find a lot of results that claim to provide around the clock access to storage, it might not be the case when you check the small print. Check the details of what is offered by these companies before you commit, so that you know it will suit your requirements. When moving into a home for the first time, you won’t want to be caught with your pants down so to speak. Getting storage that meets your requirements will ease your stress levels quite a bit. Not having access to your property when you really need it can be a moving nightmare!

The big brand name storage companies may offer you more in other ways, however. They may have a higher level of service that isn’t found with the local businesses, like climate control or wine storage, for example. It may also be easier to find the level of service you need when going to the national companies.

Choosing a National Storage Company

If you do want to choose a national company for your storage, which is the best?24 Hr Storage for Moving

  • U-Haul, perhaps one of the best-known truck rental businesses that provides storage, doesn’t offer 24/7 access as standard. Some of their locations might provide 24-hour access for an additional charge. If you are a business customer, however, this is more likely to be an option.
  • LifeStorage is another national provider that does offer out of hours service. Though this might not be the full 24 hours you’re looking for, and they do charge extra each month for this service.
  • iStorage offers 24-hour storage for non-business customers without additional charges. They don’t offer storage locations across the whole of the country, however.

If you like what is offered by a national company, you should phone your local facility to check their rules on access. You may find that they are happy to offer 24/7 access if you need it.

Final Thoughts on Finding 24-Hour Storage

Moving boxes into storageIt can be difficult to find storage companies open 24 hours, but if you contact your nearest location you may discover you have more options available to you. Whether you choose a national company or a smaller local storage business, inquiring with them directly will let you know where you stand.

It is better to be sure about the access they offer in advance, rather than hoping they will permit you later on. The manager of the storage location should be able to satisfy any concerns you have over access, so contact them in advance.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed these tips on finding a 24-hour storage facility.

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