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Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

June 25, 2020

Who Are The Top Moving Truck Companies?Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Are you looking to find out the best moving truck rental companies nearby? Moving from one home to another gives you a lot of things to think about and do. If you are not hiring a moving company getting a moving truck will be at the top of your list.

You may think that moving truck rental companies are all the same, and you can save yourself time just picking the first one you find, but this could be a mistake that you regret. The article at Maximum Real Estate Exposure provides essential knowledge for picking the best type of moving truck for your specific needs.

One of the most significant moving mistakes is either picking the wrong mover or going with a less than stellar rental truck company.

Let’s look at some of the best moving truck companies to use nationwide. You won’t go wrong when you choose from one of these well-known and trustworthy companies.


Moving company on budgetYou might expect Budget to offer good value for money, after all, it is in the name, and you wouldn’t be wrong. They offer lower initial costs on truck rentals, with some of the lowest upfront prices for long-distance journeys.

When you need a truck for a local move, you might not see such great savings compared to other companies. They charge by the mile, and for long-distances, they give you included mileage. You can buy extra miles in advance at a cheaper rate than if you have to pay for them afterward. Though you might find you’ve bought more mileage than you end up using and not making a saving.


The most well-known and popular of moving truck rental companies offers the largest fleet of vehicles as well as the most locations. They operate from over 20,000 points across the nation, which makes longer distance moves more convenient.

They don’t offer unlimited mileage on their rentals, with per-mile charges for local moves and an allocation of miles for longer distances. They will work out how far your destination journey is and allocate mileage based on that.

moving boxes

While they do offer a good range of trucks, a downside to U-Haul is possible changes to your reservation, if they don’t have many trucks of the type you want. Though you might be able to go to another U-Haul location, it could make things more difficult for you.

U-Haul also has a nice side perk for those who are in need of finding moving boxes. It is called the U-Haul Box Exchange Service. By going on their site all you’ll need to do is type in your location or a search term such as “free boxes”, to find who in your areas is giving away moving boxes.

Of course, once you are done with your move, you’ll want to get rid of all your moving boxes as well. You can read up on how to do it on the previously published article here at Realty Times.


With the third-largest moving truck rentals fleet in the US, they offer a lot of locations for their customers. They provide a reservation guarantee, so you will get the truck size at the location you arranged. This can sometimes be a problem with truck rentals, so it removes one possible concern.

Another way in which Penske shines is with their unlimited mileage for one-way rentals. While they might not be as cheap as Budget ordinarily, the unlimited mileage included in the price might work out better for your move. You may find that Penske is a better option for you for longer moves and more expensive than others for shorter distances.

They also have discounts for new customers, college students, military personnel, and AAA members. So if you are in one of these groups and you are moving over a greater distance, this could be the best choice.


300 free moving milesEnterprise Truck Rental offers more variety of trucks than most on this list. They have up to 14 different types of trucks available, though not all types may be available at all locations. The fees they charge for rentals will also vary depending on your location.

While they might not be the cheapest option on this list, they do provide 300 miles for free. This could make more sense for your move, without any concerns over mileage expenses for shorter moves. Even if you do go over this free mileage allowance, their normal distance fees are fairly low anyway.

One of the downsides with Enterprise is that most of the time you will be expected to return the truck to the location you rented from. This will make long-distance moves difficult and expensive. You will be better served by a different company that allows you to drop off the vehicle at a local branch when you are done.

Home Depot

Home Depot doesn’t just offer tools and construction materials, they also have trucks that you can rent by the hour. They allow you to use unlimited mileage, though you will need to refill the gas before you return it. This makes it a good choice for local moves when you want to go to and from your new home multiple times.

They offer truck rental from their over 2,200 stores and have a no-reservation policy. There are good and bad with this system, however. Will the truck size you want be available when you need it? You might find that you are forced to take whatever they have available.

It could be good if you find you need a truck at the last minute for your move, though hopefully, you will be more organized. Their prices are affordable and they don’t have hidden charges.

You need to make sure you return the vehicle within the time you have booked. If you don’t have the truck back at the right time, you can expect an expensive fee when breaching the rental period.

Conclusion On Finding The Best Truck Rentals

Your choice for moving truck rentals will depend on your circumstances and the distance you need to travel. Do you need unlimited mileage or is an allowance going to be enough? Is a guaranteed reservation important or can be flexible on the type of truck? While you might be drawn to the cheapest option it may not meet your needs and it could prove more of a headache on moving day.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed these tips on finding the best truck rental company for your needs.

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