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Easy Steps to Decorate Your House With Color

March 23, 2021

Decorate your home with colorWhen you decorate your house with color or reimagine a fresh new look for a space you’ve lived in for a while, it can be an exciting and possibly daunting project to tackle. One way to quickly and effectively start the process is by selecting a fresh color scheme for your walls, furniture, and decor. By starting with the color story you want throughout, it can make the redesign more organized, less stressful, and way more fun to put together.

Finding ways to match or coordinate your paint colors to your decor can go a long way in quickly transforming your space. This is particularly true when you have limited time or energy to put into creating an elaborate design or simply trying to get your home ready to sell. Having a cohesive and coordinated style using color throughout your space can make it look bigger, more put together, and effortlessly chic.

Create Your Own Story with Color

decorating your house with colorTo keep it consistent, and also be appealing to a broad range of home buyers for those selling, pick a neutral color and two or three complementary accents that come in a range of shades you love to build your color story. Neutrals don’t always mean beige, either! Sage green, navy blue, and richer earth tones like dark coffee and charcoal can easily take the place of eggshell and or the slate gray that’s been dominating in recent years.

From here, it’s time to decide if you want your walls to be painted in your selected neutral with pops of accent colors in your furniture and decor. Alternatively, you can choose to have your larger pieces like sofas, rugs, and furniture in a neutral color to keep the room grounded, while more vibrant accent colors cover the walls and smaller decor.

This can be a tricky process, even when you have a clear vision of what you want, don’t be afraid to get advice from your REALTOR® when showing. If you’re short on time or settling into a new home, you can find help online by consulting an interior designer on your plans or looking through home improvement magazines.

Picking a color palette can be overwhelming to begin researching and shopping for, but thankfully there are several ways to get inspiration. If you’re someone who loves color, think of the ones that you want to live with each day and start from there to find a neutral to balance it out.

On the other side of the spectrum, if you’re a less-is-more person, focus on what simple and versatile neutral speaks to you the most. If you’re still at a loss, there are expert guides to interesting neutrals and trending colors online you can look for to get you started.

Build Your Color Palette

Once you’ve settled on the color you want to build your story around, time to have fun rounding out your palette with accents. A tried and true method is picking colors that oppose each other on the color wheel. For navy blue, think of fuchsias, shades of yellow, or muted oranges. If you’re someone who wants a less eclectic vibe, select one color that contains a vast range of shades that speak to you, like greens that can go from light sea-foam to dark evergreen, and pick different hues that work together.

For a color palette that might focus on different shades of the same color, you can add variety and depth to each room by including different textures and materials. For example, if you went with the green color story and selected hues in a light sage and a deeper forest, look for silk accent pillows, fuzzy throw blankets, and textured glass votive candle holders all in different shades in your selected colors.

When looking for decor to based on a more vibrant color story, look for simple shapes in similar textures to create layers of depth without overwhelming the space. Rounded vases for seasonal flowers, oval-shaped trays for the coffee table and everything in smooth-faced materials like glass and acrylic add interest in a cohesive way that keeps the room tied together.

Should You Make it Match? or Not?

Decorate your home with colorMixing metals and wood tones is tricky no matter what your color story. Stick to one or two different tones, keeping in mind any flooring or paneling already in the space, and make sure they don’t clash with each other or any shades in your selected color palette. Looking at the undertones of each is usually a sure way to make sure they blend. If you have a cool-toned color story, try to find cool-toned wood stains and metals that complement, rather than look out of place.

When you decorate your house with color, you help create a beautiful home, whether to settle into your new house or appeal to buyers, can quickly transform the space that doesn’t necessarily demand a large budget or ample time for renovations. If you are taking steps to sell your home, this is also a way to get it show-ready and prepped for staging with a project that you can even do yourself in a pinch!


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