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Relocating to Colorado Springs

Deciding on whether to relocate to a new area can be a complex task. Here is some great information to consider before relocating to Colorado Springs.

Relocating to a new area can be an exciting adventure or a stressful nightmare. The difference usually comes down to a little bit of research and planning. 

Things like jobs, neighborhoods, schools, shopping and lifestyle are the elements that make or break a successful relocation. 

This guide should help you if you are considering relocating to Colorado Springs.
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1. Steps to Relocating

Step 1 - Research the Area

It's easier than ever to learn about areas, neighborhoods and schools. Online tools and neighborhood guides can help you uncover most the statistical data you'll need to make a decision. Later on when you start to work with a REALTOR®, they can help you dig into some of the more esoteric aspects of the neighborhoods you're looking at.

Step 2 - Secure a Job

A job might be the most important aspect of your relocation. Finding a job prior to your relocation is a really good idea. Even if it's not the job you ultimately want, having a position makes the relocation process easier.

The job is important because it is extremely difficult to find long term housing without one. When we say long term, we mean actually purchasing or leasing a home for more than a couple of weeks.

Short-term rentals are a convenient short-term option because they don't require employment verification but this kind of living situation becomes very expensive, long term.

Both lenders and landlords are going to need verification of employment before they are able to help you with housing.

Step 3 - Meet a REALTOR®

Once you have a job, the next step is to find a guide or REALTOR®. Someone that can show the lay of the land and realistically describe the characteristics and prices of the various neighborhoods and areas you will be interested in.

This person should possess a certain skill set, first and foremost they need to be knowledgeable about areas and housing prices as well as being enthusiastic about helping you find what you are looking for.

You are looking for someone who will ultimately become your "Buyer's Agent", this person will ultimately work in your best interest to help you find what you are looking for. The term buyer agent carries a significant responsibility for any REALTOR® choosing to work in this capacity. Here is a comprehensive article that explains the concept of buyer agency.

Step 4 - Establish a Network

Once you have found your job, neighborhood and a house, you're going to need a little help getting situated. Well, there's an app for that. REALTORS® are constantly networking and looking for vendors, contractors and service providers. The tight timelines and stressful conditions related to a real estate transaction always allow the best contractors to shine. Here at Springs Homes we compile and maintain a list of the best service providers in the Pikes Peak region. We put these in an app that we share with our clients to help with your journey relocating to Colorado Springs.

2. Where is Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs is located in the geographic center of the State of Colorado. At first glance Colorado Springs seems to be a nice Midwestern town with a great view of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

What isn’t immediately apparent is just how special this location is for enjoying the incredible quality of life the Mountain West has to offer.

Colorado Springs is of course home to many incredible hiking and mountain biking trails. If that's not enough, in the time it takes many big city commuters to get to and from work, Colorado Springs residents can drive to some of the best skiing, hiking and mountain biking in the World.

For those that are also interested in the Arts, Colorado Springs does have its own vibrant and growing Arts and Music community. If that's not enough you can enjoy museums, concerts and much more with a short drive north to Denver or in the summertime at some of the world class music festivals found in Aspen, Vail and Breckenridge.

Santa Fe is also a scenic four and a half hour drive south of Colorado Springs for those who are interested in world-class Opera, Western Art and Food.

There is literally something for everyone in or around Colorado Springs, which makes it a great place to live.


3. Comparing Other Cities

Because Colorado Springs has so many unique traits, it seems unfair to compare it to other cities. First of all the climate is moderate yet offers four distinct seasons. People considering relocating to the area always ask about the snow.

With nearly 40 inches of annual snowfall, the assumption is that the area might be too snowy for many seeking a “moderate climate.” The truth about our snow can be summed up in one statement, “It never really snows on snow here.” This just means there are periods of warmth and dry in between snowstorms, so we really have an ideal scenario here, the charm of occasional winter snow, without the months of dealing with plows, piles, and drifts.

As far as sunshine is concerned, we get it, over 300 days to give you a sense of just how much. We are clearly spoiled when it comes to bright, sunny days tempered by cool rocky mountain air. As a matter of fact, you will hear locals complain about any stretch of overcast or cloudy days as if the condition is permanent.

Other factors that add to the quality of life we enjoy here in Colorado Springs are its size and cost of living. The entire “Pikes Peak Region” is well under 1,000,000 residents and the cost of living is low as well, especially when compared to other areas of its size.

Colorado Springs WeatherColorado Springs High TemperaturesColorado Springs ElevationColorado Springs Population
Source: 2016 Census
Colorado Springs Cost of Living

Source: The total of all the cost of living categories weighted subjectively as follows: housing (30%), food and groceries (15%), transportation (10%), utilities (6%), health care (7%), and miscellaneous expenses such as clothing, services, and entertainment (32%).  State and local taxes are not included in any category. Updated:09/18

4. Colorado Springs Neighborhoods

Any city is the sum of its parts or neighborhoods and Colorado Springs has some remarkable parts. No matter what type of neighborhood you are looking for, Colorado Springs has it. From luxury urban lofts to master planned communities, you’ll find it.

As you move further north and east from central Colorado Springs the lot sizes get larger and you start to find large Ponderosa Pine forests and eventually rolling prairie that seems to go on forever. The point is there's something for everyone. If you'd like to take a deep dive into neighborhoods of Colorado Springs and around the entire Pikes Peak region, take a look at the neighborhood section of our website.

Colorado Springs' neighborhoods have a lot of variety. If you are not familiar with this area, it may be difficult to focus in on specific areas if you do not know what they are like. If you are relocating to Colorado Springs, this will be one of the first decisions you will make.

Do you want to feel like you live in a mountain town? Do you like having shopping and retail close by? Do you want to live near a military base?

Try our Neighborhood Matchmaker Quiz to help inform you about the different neighborhoods and what they offer.

Try Our Neighborhood Matchmaker Tool

Neighborhood Matchmaker

5. Landmarks in Colorado Springs

6. Getting a Job in Colorado Springs

Military, Aerospace, Defense and Sports are the leading industries in Colorado Springs. Being the home of NORAD and Schriever AFB, the space defense industry has a deep pool of qualified potential employees.

Colorado Springs is also home to the US Olympic Committee and the Olympic Training Center. This makes Colorado Springs home base for both Olympic Athletes as well as the organizations that support these athletes.

We have also provided you with a list of other large companies in the Pikes Peak region. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you a start on your job hunting process.


  • Olympic Training Center
  • U.S. Olympic Committee
  • Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame
  • U.S. Olympic Museum and Hall of Fame
  • Colorado Springs Switchbacks Soccer
  • Sky Sox Baseball
  • Carmichael Training Systems
  • Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
  • Pikes Peak Or Bust Rodeo
  • World Figure Skating Museum
  • World Figure Skating Museum & Hall of Fame
  • Pikes Peak YMCA

Large Companies

  • United Services Automobile Association (USAA)
  • Progressive Insurance Company Insurance
  • The Broadmoor Hotel
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Compassion International
  • Focus on the Family
  • DePuy Synthes Companies of Johnson & Johnson
  • Oracle America
  • Colorado College
  • Pikes Peak Community College
  • University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
  • Colorado Springs Utilities
  • City of Colorado Springs
  • El Paso County

Medical / Hospitals

  • Memorial Hospital
  • Penrose-St. Francis Hospital
  • VA Hospital


You know what we are talking about, right? Not the landscape kind. Whether you are pro or against, there is no denying that it makes up part of our local economy. We won't go into any detail on this topic, but if you are interested in this industry, you might check out the Colorado Springs Independent.

Military Bases

  • Air Force Academy
  • Fort Carson Army Base
  • Peterson Air Force Base
  • Schriever Air Force Base

7. Things to Do in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is in a unique location when it comes to activities. The area is rich with iconic hiking trails, golf courses as well as awe inspiring natural landmarks. The bottom line is that if you are an outdoor enthusiast, there is no shortage of activities for you in Colorado Springs.

If your preferences are more focused on indoor activities like culture and entertainment, we still have you covered. Colorado Springs is home to professional musical organizations, theatre and museums.

Of course, all of this activity is going to require some good food and drink. Once again, we’ve got you covered. Colorado Springs has a burgeoning culinary community as well as some remarkable breweries and distilleries. So, dig deep into the athletic, artistic and culinary culture of Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region.

top 10 places to go in the mountains
Top 10 things to do on a Sunday
Top 10 places to take visitors
Top 10 Things to do on a rainy day
Top 10 places to go outdoors
Top 10 places to play golf

8. Getting Around

Although Colorado Springs does have a bus system, you would certainly be very limited here without a car.

There are ongoing efforts to tie the front range cities together from Pueblo to Fort Collins but at this point in time we are a car dependent area.

Having said that, we do compare well to other areas in terms of commute times and traffic problems. If you are considering relocating to Colorado Springs, it is best to think about how far you will be located from your work, your friends/family and the things you like to do on a regular basis.

Colorado Springs Commute Time


Relocating to a new area can be a stressful process, but if you have a great REALTOR® that process will be so much easier and hopefully more fun! If you have any questions or would like to find a REALTOR® through Springs Homes, we’d be happy to chat. We guarantee that you will be our next satisfied customer.
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