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Mentorship Program

Agent Ascent Real Estate Mentorship Program


Are you a Real Estate Agent that is:

  • Team Inspired?
  • Service-Oriented?
  • Client Focused?
  • Technologically Savvy?
  • Dedicated to Elevating your Level of Service?

Then you can benefit from our Real Estate Mentorship Training Program.

Springs Homes has designed the Agent Ascent Mentorship Program to help existing Real Estate Agents with their professional development. Our mentorship program is set up to help agents get on the fast track to operating as a true real estate professional. We seek individuals that are currently licensed and seeking a team environment that will motivate and inspire them to provide truly great service to their clients for many years to come.


Our Agent Ascent Real Estate Mentorship Program provides you with the proper support and training to allow you to succeed and meet your professional goals. We focus on things that your current brokerage may not be providing you, or things that are hard to accomplish as a small independent agent.

Once you join the program, you will start with an 8-week training session that will cover everything including Buyers, Sellers, Contracts, Inspections, and Marketing. After the 8 weeks, you will work one on one with your mentor to cultivate your leads and show your Buyers. We provide you with Buyer & Seller leads, photos, videos & marketing, signage, education & training, and a fun, productive work environment. Join our Agent Ascent program for 8 transactions or 1 year and watch how your relationships with your clients improve and see how much more you enjoy being a real estate agent.

You will finish with:

  • An understanding of the Transaction Process
  • Ability to write outstanding contracts
  • Ability to counsel buyers on financing
  • Skills and knowledge to negotiate the inspection process
  • Understanding of how a closing works and what to expect
  • Solid plan for growing your sphere


Real Estate is not a profession that you can enter and instantly be successful. Our Agent Ascent Mentorship Program is designed to take agents and help them elevate their services through professional development. We are committed to seeing agents succeed as they grow and thrive as Real Estate Professionals. Our Agent Ascent Program teaches agents how to focus on the experience of the process by providing the support that often bogs down agents. We provide the operational support for our agents that other companies ignore. This support and training that we provide help agents in our program focus on what really matters, providing a quality service to the clients.


Our Agent Ascent Mentorship Program is very different than the Real Estate Mentorship and Coaching Programs found on the web. We aren’t offering “Special Offers Today Only”, “Subscriptions to Webinars”, we simply are offering for you to come work with us for 8 transactions or 1 year for a split of the commission. We focus on your individual strengths and help you grow in other areas to provide you with the traction that you need to become successful.

After your training, you are free to stay on with us as an agent, or spread your wings and put into practice what you have learned. There is no obligation to work with us in the future, but after completing our Mentorship Program, you may find yourself a permanent home!


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