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Anneliese HenleyAnneliese Henley
Licensed REALTOR® since 2012


The love that Anneliese Henley has for real estate and her clients is not subtle, she is what we call "a natural". Even if you are not looking for a house, she will find you one, so look out!

Anneliese is an expert at honing in on what you and your family needs. She cuts to the chase to save you the hassle of wasted time. Anneliese understands families and the complexities that they sometimes bring to the table.

Although Anneliese is fairly new to Colorado, she acts like she has been here forever. Just ask 84 of her closest friends. She is so well connected that they are considering making her a greeter for Colorado Springs. If you are new to the area, she is great at showing you around, especially in Wolf Ranch which is one of her favorite neighborhoods.

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Anneliese Henley was born in Heidelberg, Germany. Both her parents were in the Army, so she grew up as an “military brat”. Early on, her mom got stationed in Alaska and their family decided to call it home.

Anneliese has lived all over the State of Alaska. She graduated from the University of Alaska, Anchorage, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services. Not quite knowing what she wanted to do after graduating, a friend of hers suggested real estate appraising. She followed their advice and for 6 years she enjoyed working as a real estate appraiser.

One day she accompanied a friend on a home buying tour and got very involved in the showing. The Realtor showing the home asked if she had ever considered being a Realtor and offered to “take her under his wing”. She received her license in March of 2012.

Since then, Anneliese has helped hundreds of families find their dream homes. Having been both a “military brat” and a military spouse, she knows the concerns and care that are required in helping military families transition into a new home. She has served on the Anchorage Board of Realtors Military Committee and has volunteered countless hours to help military families in the Base Housing Office.

For the past few years Anneliese and her family have vacationed in Colorado and have fallen in love with this breathtakingly beautiful state. They made Colorado Springs their permanent home in 2019.
Anneliese Henley

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Anneliese Henley

Anneliese's Picks

Restaurant - Prime 25
Park - Bear Creek Dog Park
Coffee Shop - Wayfinder
Local Trail - Barr Trail (Because of all of the squirrels)
Non-Profit - Angels of America’s Fallen
Neighborhood - Wolf Ranch

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