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Things to do this Summer in Colorado Springs 2022

June 8, 2022

As we compile our annual Things to Do for Summer in Colorado Springs 2022 guide, there are plenty of things going on, but as always it is prudent to call ahead and verify that your favorite event is still on schedule. 

Last summer, we decided to focus on family-centric, COVID-19-friendly, Colorado-based activities so that we can all be safe, follow the recommendations on gatherings, enjoy our families and really appreciate our beautiful summers in Colorado Springs.

This year is no different. We feel that getting in the outdoors is one of the best things you can do in the area during the summer.

Bugging in your backyard and beyond!

When is the last time that you went bug hunting? This is a great activity that can be done anywhere; in your backyard, at the neighborhood park, or even in the closet you haven't cleaned in a while. We use the generic term "bugs", but really mean all types of insects such as:

  • Dragonflies and Damselflies (Order: Odonata)
  • Earwigs (Order: Dermaptera)
  • Grasshoppers and Crickets (Order: Orthoptera)
  • Praying Mantids (Order: Mantodea)
  • Mayflies (Order: Ephemeroptera)
  • Ants and bees (Order: Hymenoptera)
  • Butterflies and moths (Order: Lepidoptera)
  • Beetles (Order: Coleoptera)
  • Flies and mosquitoes (Order: Diptera)

(Hopefully, the entomologist in the group will forgive us for leaving off the cockroaches and sucking lice).

  1. Grab a backpack, notepad, and magnifying glass
  2. Head to an open space, hiking trail, or even your backyard
  3. Observation is the key to finding really cool specimens. Look under rocks, stumps, and tree bark. Remember to look, but don't touch our little crawly friends. 🪲

Download and print the attached worksheet to find native bugs around Colorado Springs! Leave the bugs be, don’t harm them, just mark them on the list when you find one! Don’t forget your magnifying glass!

Bugs Hunting Worksheet Download a kid-friendly Bugging Guide Here

Birding around Colorado Springs

Did you know that Colorado has over 500 species of birds? If entomology doesn't excite you, maybe ornithology is your thing. Like bug hunting, bird hunting is easily done in your backyard, in an open field, or at the park down the street. Other great locations include:

  • Bear Creek Nature Center
  • Garden of the Gods Park
  • Fountain Creek Regional Park
  • Red Rock Canyon Park

Also check out this resource:

Download and print the attached worksheet to find native birds around Colorado Springs! Don’t forget your binoculars! 

Birding in Colorado Springs Download a kid-friendly Birding Guide Here

Exploring Near and Far

Make a mandala out of items found in nature

Use pinecones, flowers, sticks, rocks, etc to create a mandala at your local park (don’t destroy plants to get what you want, use what’s already laying around!)

Summer in the Springs

Create your own obstacle course

Use items you may have around your house to create an obstacle course for the whole family. Examples: hula hoops, skateboards, any kind of ball, nets, hoops, racquets, boards, string/rope, sticks, etc.

Park/Trail Hopping 

Make a goal of trying a new park/trail each week -

Fly a kite

Get one from Poor Richards


Are you familiar with geocaching? Letterboxing is a similar activity, but it is more easily done with families. Instead of a GPS, users use clues to find hidden stashes which contain a stamp that is used to document their success. Two great resources for this fun family-friendly activity are and

Scavenger Hunt

Here is where your creativity can run wild!

  1. Pick a theme for your scavenger hunt.
  2. A mix of easy items and hard items makes it fun for everyone.
  3. Have a prize at the end. Ice cream, a crown/tiara, or a cheesy trophy from the second-hand store provides some motivation.
  4. Invite friends and make it an annual event!

Download and print the attached kid-friendly Nature Scavenger Hunt list to find the listed items around your favorite park! Make sure you take a small bucket or Tupperware to gather your things! 

blank Download a kid-friendly Scavenger Hunt Here

Fishing for "the Big One"

Shops near Colorado Springs to get supplies:

Anglers Covey -

Peak Fly Shop -

Where to fish within a reasonable distance:

  • Arkansas River
  • Monument Lake
  • Palmer Lake
  • Fountain Creek - Manitou
  • Pikes Peak North and South Slope Recreation Areas

Fishing in Colorado Springs

Shop Local at a Farmer’s Market 

Check the Farmer's Market’s website and info as they are very individual due to COVID-19. Some Markets will not start until July, some have online ordering, and some are on their regular schedule. 

Some other great resources for fresh produce:,,

More on Colorado Springs Farmer's Markets

Farmers Markets in Colorado Springs

Other Things to Do for Summer Fun in Colorado Springs

Things to do for Summer in Colorado Springs

Yard Game Tournament

Invite a small group of friends or neighbors over for a yard game tournament! Play a few games, then create a bracket so you can declare the supreme winner. Use the yard games you already own to create the playing field or ask every family to bring one game to add to the fun! For more fun, pick up a silly used trophy at the resale shop to offer as the prize.

Purchase yard games: Garage Sales, Facebook Marketplace, Big Box Stores, or even the Dollar Store

Whatever it is your family enjoys this summer, we hope it is wonderful!

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