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The Great 8 Real Estate Articles From September, 2017

October 9, 2017

There is a lot of real estate content and chatter online. This makes it difficult to determine what is valuable and what is noise. Well good news, we read a ton of real estate content to stay on top of the industry. At the end of the Month, we compile the best articles we could find.

This month we present eight informative pieces. These articles look at issues important to home buyers, homes sellers, and Realtors®.

We hope you enjoy this collection. Please feel free to share this content and suggest future articles.

How Does Dual Agency Work? By Bill Gassett

What is dual agency? This is a question that Real Estate leader Bill Gassett tackles, along with plenty of examples to illustrate each principle. Dual agency is when a real estate agent represents both the buyer and the seller in a single transaction, and Gassett makes it clear why this arrangement benefits only the agent. Since they’re legally bound to be neutral to both parties, there are many important questions they can’t answer or advise on, to the great detriment of both parties. There are also REALTORS® who don’t follow the law when it comes to dual agency, and Gassett provides a thorough outline of what to watch for and how to protect yourself from situations like these.

Smart Renovations by Kevin Vitali

REALTOR® Kevin Vitali explains the crucial importance of thinking ahead before beginning any kind of home renovation, and considering the impact it will have on your home’s value. He highlights the value of avoiding trends, staying within a budget, getting the right permits for large projects, and hiring a professional if a project is outside your personal skill level. Since the major purpose of such improvements is often to increase the future selling value of a house, he advises focusing on your home’s value after a renovation, and suggests consulting with a REALTOR® before beginning.

How to Improve Your Credit Score by Luke Skar

There’s no magic formula to improve your credit score overnight. However, Luke Skar shares some helpful tips on how to set yourself up for credit score success in the long run. His valuable suggestions include advice on how many credit cards to hold at a time, the value of debt diversity, and the potential benefits of enlisting the help of a credit repair agency. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve upon low credit scores from the past, this article is a great place to begin.

Converting Real Estate Leads to Sales by Joy Bender

In this comprehensive blog post, Joy Bender shares everything real estate agents need to know about obtaining and converting quality leads. She begins by stating some statistics about the great difficulty REALTORS® have in gaining access to good leads, and goes on to provide solid, actionable solutions to this challenge. She shares technical information about different services and ads you can run in order to generate leads and what they’ll cost you, and then delves into her tried-and-true methods for pursuing and converting these leads. Finding great leads is a challenge all REALTORS® face, so this is a helpful, applicable article to REALTORS® of all ranges of experience.

26 Tips To Let Your Home Sell Itself by Wendy Weir

There isn’t a home seller out there who wouldn’t love to determine the selling price of their home. However, the final number comes down to the buyers, and their perception of the home. That’s why Real Estate Agent Wendy Weir shares this list of 26 insightful tips about staging that can help your home sell more quickly and easily. From how to decorate the top of your fridge to why you should replace attic insulation, she tackles a variety of points that the average home seller may not have thought of—points that may just be the ticket to them selling their house at a great price.

Preparing Your Home for A Quick Fall Sale by Paul Sian

The prime home selling and buying season depends on the area. For many regions, fall is not the peak time for residential real estate activity; however, the buyers who are active during this period tend to be more serious and eager to move quickly. That’s why Luxury Real Estate Specialist Paul Sian shares his best tips to ensure a quick fall home sale. From renovations and decor to pricing, this article contains insight into the major factors that fall home sellers should consider to set themselves up for a successful sale. Anyone who’s looking to ensure a quick fall home sale is sure to find this article to be a great starting point.

Don’t Be Left In the Dark When Buying Your First Home by Maria Mastrolonardo

The decision to purchase a house is a major one, especially if you’re a first time home buyer. For those who are new to the real estate market, this informative article by REALTOR® Maria Mastrolonardo is a smart place to begin. She covers a variety of topics step by step, in order to help any first time home buyer decide if they’re ready to commit to the purchase of a home, and brings up the subjects they must consider, from credit scores to budgets.

Common First Time Home Buyer Mistakes by Kyle Hiscock

First-time home buyers have a lot to think about! REALTOR® Kyle Hiscock shares his top tips for avoiding common pitfalls that people purchasing a home for the first time often encounter. He warns against going directly to the listing agent and explains why online home value estimates are not always accurate, among five other major topics. Any first-time home buyer will appreciate Hiscock’s insights into the process of purchasing a house, from what to remember to what to avoid.

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