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Six Plants for Gardening in Colorado Springs

April 10, 2020

By: Tony Steine


The unofficial start of planting season in Colorado Springs is Memorial Day weekend. Since it’s just around the corner we thought it would be a good idea to have plant expert Tony Steine from LawnStarter share a few ideas about what sorts of plants to use for gardening in Colorado Springs.

Residents in the Centennial State enjoy a wide range of USDA Hardiness Zones along with plenty of landscape variety. Making sure that your landscape is in prime condition is essential when selling your Colorado home. Not only can lawn maintenance upkeep draw ample curb appeal but a gorgeous overall landscape design can significantly raise the value of your property. Consider using these popular Colorado plants for low maintenance landscaping around your home.


Colorado Blue Columbine
This delicate flower has become a natural symbol for the state with its vast abundance in the wild. Colorado Blue Columbine’s blue and white petals attract a wide range of essential area pollinators, making this a great plant to support the local environment. You’ll notice bees and butterflies making their way through a Columbine patch to feed its delicious nectar. Use this flower along pathways or in the front of garden beds to showcase its natural native beauty.


Coral Carpet
Homeowners looking for a lovely succulent to hide bare spots should consider using Coral Carpet. This attractive plant boasts a wide hardiness range from zones 3a-9b making it an excellent choice for many areas in Colorado. Coral Carpet forms a dense mat of vegetation, named after its resemblance to coral reefs. Also known as Sedum album, the leaves of this plant turn red in the winter adding that pop of color your stagnant garden needs.


This beautiful native perennial is a favorite fall color choice in landscaping. Choose a sunny spot in the garden for Goldenrod and consider adding a bundle in front of picture windows or near outdoor living areas. Falsely blamed for outdoor fall allergies, Goldenrod pollen isn’t airborne. However, it does bloom during the same time as Ragweed, the real fall allergy culprit, making it a good indicator for residents with fall allergies.


Most commonly found in shady garden spots, this groundcover shrub produces nectar and berries that become a food source for hummingbirds, caterpillars, butterflies, and birds. Bearberry’s ability to attract bigger game in the wild like deer, moose, and bears is also possible. Although, you probably won’t have issues with those animals in a neighborhood. Bearberry is a dwarf shrub featuring dark evergreen leaves dotted with bright red berries making it a beautiful addition to any Colorado garden.


Black-Eyed Susan
Part of the sunflower family, Black-Eyed Susan is an excellent addition to many Colorado yards. This beautiful yellow petaled flower features dark, sultry centers that attract numerous pollinators. Black-Eyed Susan is low maintenance and can be found growing up to 3 feet in both the wild and cultivated gardens.  It is quite durable, able to withstand harsh winters, poor soil conditions, and even being cut by a weed whacker. The plant does well in garden beds but is also heavily used in containers to add a touch of depth and interest. Consider planting some Black-Eyed Susan in a pot near the front door to welcome potential home buyers.


Colorado Blue Spruce
Although planting this tree in a landscape will be small at first, Colorado Blue Spruce is an attractive option for those yards that need to be filled in. This evergreen tree features a silver blue-green color and produces long cylindrical pinecones that are perfect to use in other DIY projects. The tree is very hardy and can withstand the cold which is perfect for gardening in Colorado Springs. Planting a Colorado Blue Spruce in an area of the garden where you need more privacy would be best or even plant a few together to form a windbreak for larger properties.

Choosing plants that can withstand your coldest winter temperatures for long-lasting beauty will help protect your landscape investment. Consider a variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers to create a home landscape that will boost curb appeal and attract potential home buyers. Gardening in Colorado Springs can be intimidating, but with careful planning, you can have year-round beauty.

Tony Steine has a passion for teaching others about everything in their garden. Tony will happily show you what he has done with his green thumb with a tour of his flourishing backyard. He loves spending his spare time using the fresh foods from his garden to try new recipes in the kitchen.

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