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Shop Local in Colorado Springs 2023 – An Easy Guide

November 14, 2023

Shop Small for the Holidays in Colorado Springs?

In 2023, Colorado Springs continues to champion the value of supporting local shops, pivotal in fostering a vibrant business ecosystem in our region. As the economic landscape faces uncertainties, it’s crucial to recognize the significance of patronizing small businesses. To this end, we proudly introduce the updated Colorado Springs Holiday Small Shopping Guide, designed to bolster our community’s holiday shopping endeavors and pave the way for more diverse shopping options.

Recent research by Michigan Local First sheds light on the compelling impact of choosing local. For every $100 spent at locally-owned establishments, a remarkable $68 cycles back into the local economy. This contrastingly surpasses the mere $43 that trickles back when consumers opt for big-box or non-local retailers. The implications are profound; supporting local businesses catalyzes economic growth, benefiting those dependent on the generated income.

Turning to our Colorado Springs Holiday Small Shopping Guide for your last-minute shopping needs simplifies your holiday preparations and contributes significantly to the well-being of our Colorado Springs community. Your choices ripple through our local economy like a stone cast into a pond, creating opportunities for more businesses to flourish and enriching the shopping landscape for residents. So, this holiday season, let’s continue to uphold our tradition of supporting local shops, knowing that each purchase brings us one step closer to a thriving and diverse business environment in Colorado Springs.

Amazing Gifts

Another compelling reason to shop local is the variety of gifts you can find. Enough with holiday candles and cutesy coffee mugs, shopping locally will make you the most thoughtful gift giver in your family.

The local creative folks in our town have some exciting and thought-provoking crafts and ideas. And what better way to spread the cheer than to cheer them on with your dollars? Giving a gift made by a craftsperson, artisan or artist shows the recipient that you care and you know what they really appreciate.

Are You a Procrastinator?

Let’s face it, it is so easy to procrastinate this time of year. Buying locally affords you one of the most important things you may need right now…time. When you shop locally, you have your gift ready to wrap. No waiting for UPS, no delayed shipments, no concern of someone swiping it off your doorstep. Your present goes from being purchased to right under your tree. Use your new-found time saved to work on something more productive, like your holiday menu planning, plan some time with the family and go out and look at some of Colorado Springs’s best holiday lights.

Some of our Favorite Colorado Springs Local Shops

  • Coralun¬†Vintage – Fun vintage clothing and handmade gifts
  • Eclectic Co & Eclectic OCC¬†– Artisan co-ops with over 75 Colorado (mostly COS) vendors between the two locations
  • Mackenzie & West – Clothing, household, gifts
  • Urbane Collective – Focused on women – clothing, household, etc, but new and next to Sasquatch Cookies!
  • Bella Casa – Monument – Household decor and cute baby items too
  • Love Shop – Monument – Clothing, home decor, unique gifts, and jewelry
  • Finder’s Keeper’s – Palmer Lake – Cute gifts, Colorado themes, and clothing. At the base of the bridge over Palmer Lake
  • Orly’s Art Gallery and Framing – Orlys, a family-owned business, has been operating for over 29 years and making waves in the Art Gallery and Framing industry. After beginning in Old Colorado City on the westside, Orly’s now resides in South Downtown Colorado Springs. With an impressive selection of original paintings and vintage furnishings, Orly’s is renowned as Colorado Springs’ top Art Gallery.
  • The Living Room – One of our favorite places to buy plants. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and the selection is mind-boggling!
  • Heartshake StudiosOld Colorado City – Lots of great art, plants, all around perfect gifts from baby to grandma

Supporting Colorado Springs Restaurants, Breweries & Distilleries

In addition to the shops specializing in gifts, clothing and home decor, another way to contribute to our Colorado Springs economy is to support our local restaurants, breweries, and distilleries.

Some of the best local gifts and swag in town come from our local eateries and watering holes. That cute Colorado t-shirt….from a brewery, that cool beanie…yup, a distillery. So pop on into your local watering hole and pick up some local gifts and gear.

Restaurant, Brewery & Distillery Gifts & Gear

  • Shame and Regret – Located in Downtown Colorado Springs, this back alley treasure is a renowned scotch and whiskey bar that has become a favorite among locals.
  • Goat Patch Brewing – Who doesn’t like that cute little goat? And their beer? To die for…
  • Pikes Peak Brewery – Beer drinkers make better lovers… least that’s what one of their t-shirts claim.
  • Lost Friend Brewing – Off of Academy Blvd, they have some cool gear
  • Trails End Tap Room – For the hiker, biker, outdoor enthusiast on your list
  • 3 Hundred Days of Shine – Monument Moonshine at it’s best. Check out their new retail corner!
  • Metric BrewingThe Knob Hill Neighborhood is now home to a small batch craft beers and limited-release styles brewery. With a rotating selection, patrons can expect everything from clean lagers and funky sours to warm barrel-aged beers, with new offerings released each week.
  • Stellina Pizza Cafe – A new eatery near the Shooks Run neighborhood with some amazing pizza, pasta, and Italian Old Fashions
  • Colonel Mustard’s Sandwich Emporium – OMG…the best sandwiches E V E R! Pop in and pick some up when you don’t want to cook
  • Lee Spirits – This is a popular watering hole in Monument. Also, check them out downtown at Brooklyn’s on Boulder
  • Bramble & Brie – Over-the-top charcuterie goodness! They are so popular right now you might need to wait….but it looks like it is worth the wait
  • Brooklyn’s on Boulder – OK this speakeasy looks like a haberdashery, but it’s actually a bar. Very small space, with great drinks, and a lot of fun.
  • Mash Mechanix Brewing Co. – This new brewing company offers a dizzying selection of draft beers and seltzers. They also have an impressive line-up of food trucks if you’re hungry.

Other Great Places to Find Local Gifts in Colorado Springs

For that hard-to-buy person on your list, you might need to venture outside traditional gift shops and restaurants and get a little more creative. Here are some local businesses that may be the perfect fit for Aunt Betty.
  • Front Porch Gift Co – adorable gift boxes for every person’s taste
  • Plated Picnics – cool covid-friendly charcuterie for delivery
  • Bella Art & Frame – Framing and art gifts can be found at this Monument shop
  • Wine Seller – Don’t know what to buy? Ask Dirk in Monument, he can come up with something special.

At Springs Homes, we support local because we are local. We have been around as your Colorado Springs Realtors since 1997, and we plan to be here for many years to come. Check out some of the other Local Lineup Guides we publish to help support our local neighbors.

Are you a local business owner we missed in our Colorado Springs Holiday Small Shopping Guide? Have no fear, we appreciate you, too, and would love to include you in our next shout-out. Drop us a line and remind us to include you when we promote local businesses.

Happy Holidays and shopping!

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