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Property Address vs Property Legal Description

April 15, 2015

In regards to the property address and legal description of the home you are purchasing, it is essential that these are documented correctly  You always want to make sure that the legal description is correct and that title work and the contract match. 

This is what the lenders and the title companies will insure on.  The lender wants to make sure this is correct since they will have the Deed of Trust recorded on the property to ensure that the money they are lending is protected and will be repaid. 

Your Warranty Deed created by the title company is signed over from the seller to you and this is your OWNERSHIP to the home and lot that it is situated on.

Nobody, meaning title or the lender, cares if the address is 123 Bob Street, Anywhere, US.  But if the house you are buying is on “Lot 1 of My Subdivision,” and you are deeded the property on “Lot 2 of My Subdivision” this will create problems for future financing and possible issues with neighbors. 

If your neighbor is trying to sell or refinance their home then their title is “clouded” with your name on their property this will hold up their transaction.  You could also be looking at estate issues if it were deeded incorrectly and time passes, then a death happens in the family.  All sorts of things can arise out of a seemingly small mistake.

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