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Photoshoot Preparation Checklist

August 3, 2020

Best lighting for home photosPhotographs, videos, and virtual tours have become the new first showing for many of today’s homebuyers. Because of this, it’s important that we treat the photoshoot as if it were the actual first showing of the home. We want the marketing materials to appear how the home looks in “Show Ready Condition”.

We use the term show-ready condition when we talk about putting your property on the market. Show ready condition means the home has been decluttered, deep cleaned and staged. This process ensures your home appeals to the greatest number of buyers possible.

Our marketing team will schedule a time for your photo shoot. The team will take pictures as well as create a 3-D virtual tour of the property. This appointment will be based and the best time of day to photograph your home. 

The ideal scenario for our marketing team is to arrive at a property that is in show-ready condition, this includes lights on and home sellers away. While our marketing team certainly enjoys meeting and getting to know our clients, we have found they work best in solitude.

Here is a list of how you can help us ace your marketing appointment: 

listing your home checklist

Click the list to print!

Make sure your home is in “Show Ready Condition

  • What time of day is the front of your house in full sunlight? This is important for us to know, we want the front of your home to be in full sunlight for the exterior photo
  • When is trash day? Trash cans can be a very distracting eyesore in the exterior photo of your home. Additionally, we will be taking aerial photos and video of the property, we don’t want the neighbor’s trash cans in our images either. Is there a particular day when the trash cans are not on the street?
  • Please try to keep cars from parking in front of your house
  • Grass Cut in warmer months
  • Snow Shoveled off of walks and driveway during winter months
  • No cars in the driveway
  • Trash Cans out of site

Preparing for the photoshoot is a very important step in the home selling process. The more cooperation we get from the home seller, the better the results we ultimately obtain.

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