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7 Mobile Measurement Apps For Accurate Square Footage Calculations

July 12, 2023

How to Measure a House With Helpful Apps

In today’s fast-paced world, mobile measurement apps have revolutionized how we calculate square footage. Whether you’re a homeowner, real estate agent, or contractor, having access to accurate and reliable measurement tools is essential.

We will explore seven essential mobile measuring apps that can assist you in how square footage is calculated for a house. Determining the square footage of a home is a crucial exercise for buyers and sellers.

The size of a home plays a significant role in determining the market value. The following apps will make measuring much more straightforward.


MagicPlan is a feature-rich mobile measurement app that enables you to create floor plans and Calculate sq ft effortlessly. Using the camera on your smartphone or tablet, MagicPlan generates accurate measurements by analyzing images and detecting walls, corners, and objects.

This app allows you to add annotations and photos and customize floor plans with various elements. Enhancing the visualization capabilities, MagicPlan offers a wide range of customization options.

Adding furniture, appliances, and even 3D models to the floor plans provides a more comprehensive representation of the space. These interactive elements assist in visualizing the layout, making it easier for clients or stakeholders to understand the design or remodeling concepts.

RoomScan Pro

RoomScan Pro is another powerful mobile app designed to measure square footage quickly. By simply tapping your device against the walls of a room, RoomScan Pro uses advanced algorithms and sensors to generate precise measurements.

For a comprehensive analysis, you can add doors, windows, and other features to the floor plan. The app enables you to add doors, windows, and other features to the floor plan, allowing for a more thorough analysis.

This level of detail enhances the accuracy of the square footage calculation, considering the unique characteristics of each space. With RoomScan Pro, you can thoroughly understand a room’s dimensions and layout, aiding in various applications such as furniture arrangement or estimating material requirements.


MeasureKit is a versatile measurement app with multiple modes, including distances, angles, and areas. With its AR (Augmented Reality) capabilities, MeasureKit overlays virtual measurements onto the real-world environment, allowing you to calculate square footage accurately.

The app supports both metric and imperial units, catering to users worldwide. Using AR capabilities, MeasureKit overlays virtual measurements onto the real-world environment, delivering an intuitive and immersive measurement experience.

These features enhance accuracy by visually aligning the virtual measures with the physical space. The app supports metric and imperial units, catering to users worldwide with their preferred measurement system.

Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator is a user-friendly app that enables you to create detailed floor plans and estimate square footage effortlessly. Using the app’s intuitive interface, you can draw walls, add doors and windows, and even furnish the space with various objects.

The app calculates the square footage automatically as you create the floor plan, providing instant results. The app also offers additional features that enhance the usability and practicality of the floor plans. You can label rooms, add text annotations, and even furnish the space with various objects, allowing for a more visually appealing representation.

These elements facilitate stakeholder communication and aid in conceptualizing and visualizing the final layout.

It’s an excellent application for a real estate agent to help market properties.


EasyMeasure is a popular measurement app that utilizes augmented reality technology to measure distances and areas. Simply pointing your device’s camera at the desired location, EasyMeasure superimposes virtual markers on the screen, allowing you to calculate square footage accurately.

This app provides convenient tools like a flashlight and unit converter. In addition to its measuring capabilities, EasyMeasure provides valuable tools such as a flashlight and a unit converter.

The built-in flashlight ensures adequate lighting conditions, allowing for more accurate measurements in dimly lit spaces. The unit converter feature caters to users who prefer different measurement units, enabling seamless conversion between metric and imperial systems.


Planimeter is a comprehensive measurement app that specializes in calculating areas and distances on maps. Whether you need to measure a land area or a building footprint, Planimeter uses satellite imagery and GPS data to provide accurate square footage calculations.

The app also offers advanced features like perimeter calculation and land area division. Beyond its basic functionality, Planimeter offers advanced features like perimeter calculation and land area division.

These tools are helpful when dealing with intricate boundaries or segmenting land areas into smaller sections. Planimeter provides valuable information for landscaping projects, property development, or agricultural purposes.

Land surveyors can also use it for such tasks as finding property lines.

My Measures and Dimensions

My Measures and Dimensions is a versatile mobile measurement app that lets you capture and annotate measurements directly on photos. By importing an image, you can mark points, lines, and shapes to calculate square footage accurately.

The app lets you add notes and dimensions and export the measurements to various formats for easy sharing. This app’s versatility extends to its annotation features, enabling you to add notes and dimensions and export measurements to multiple formats.

The ability to annotate and share measurements with others is valuable for collaboration, providing a clear understanding of the square footage calculations and supporting effective communication among project stakeholders.

Final Thoughts on Measurement Apps

With the advancement of mobile technology, calculating square footage has become more accessible and efficient than ever. These seven mobile measurement apps offer various features and functionalities that cater to different needs.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to renovate, a real estate agent preparing listings, or a contractor estimating project requirements, these apps will prove invaluable in ensuring accurate square footage calculations. So, download one of these apps today and unlock the power of precise mobile measurement at your fingertips.


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