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February 17, 2015


In the world of residential real estate, the term “marketing” means one thing… to get qualified, prospective buyers interested in your home. Qualified buyers are defined as people that are ready, willing, and most importantly, able to buy your home. These people are the focus of our marketing efforts. Our marketing plan combines the resources of the Internet with newspaper, magazines, yard signs, direct mail, and good old-fashioned networking in order to target prospective home buyers. Here is a synopsis of our marketing plan.

Internet Marketing

The Internet has become the new medium of choice for researching home purchases. “Easy”, “convenient” and “low pressure” are words that best describe the process of house hunting on line. It is our opinion that in order to effectively market a property, the modern REALTOR® must have a strong grasp on the Internet. We are E-Pro certified and have a strong Internet presence. Here are some of our online strategies.

This is our main company web site. We get a significant amount of relevant targeted traffic to this site through a combination of search engines, links, directories and “pay per click” opportunities. Our goal is to bring buyers to our page in order to view our listings in an attractive, convenient setting.

Custom Web Pages

Most real estate brokers’ web sites display their listings in the same cookie cutter format, tried and true, but not expressing your home’s most attractive qualities. We give every property we list its own showcase on the web! We use your actual address to host this web site (

Internet Exposure

Pictures and information about your home are circulated to all major real estate portals on the Internet to increase the chances of a quick sale. Did you know that there are more than a dozen real estate sites we can post your home on?

Traditional Marketing

This is a remarkable time to be involved in the field of marketing and selling residential real estate. Even though the Internet has become the major resource for prospective home buyers, traditional marketing still accounts for a significant share of home sales. The Internet may be responsible for bringing the buyer to the home but it is usually good old-fashioned, face-to-face personal service that gets the deal closed. Take a look at the traditional service we offer.

REALTOR® Assistance

Because we strive to develop and maintain good working relationships with fellow REALTORS®, we have a strong network of brokers that help sell our listings. Additionally, we reach out to the real estate community to bring their buyers to our listings. You can never underestimate the power of personal relationships.

Pikes Peak Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

This is the medium most used to sell homes in El Paso County. It gives you a force of over 2,200 REALTORS® with potential buyers. We make sure our listings are clear, realistic and informative. Additionally, we make sure the directions to the home eliminate any chance of confusion.


This is a much larger group of REALTORS®. We sell a significant number of homes this way. Denver agents do show in El Paso County, especially northern El Paso County. We accommodate showings by Denver agents by posting to their MLS. Additionally, because Denver is on a different lock box system it is necessary for us to make special arrangements to get them into our listings. We are happy to accommodate them.

Elite 25

This organization consists of the 25 REALTORS® in town that sell the most homes over $500,000. Coincidentally, this happens to be the group of REALTORS® that sells the most homes in general. As charter members of this group, we have developed strong networking relationships that serve us well.

Print Advertising

Although the trend in real estate advertising is toward the Internet, 40% of home buyers in 2002 said they started their home search in publications. We have focused our efforts towards publications we know work. Gazette Homes for Sale Magazine, Appropriate neighborhood papers: Tri-Lakes Tribune, Cheyenne Edition, Woodmen Edition.

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