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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

February 17, 2015

Make sure that you catch up on your deferred maintenance and give your home a little spring cleaning this year! Here’s a list to help brush off the cobwebs and spruce up your home whether you are getting your home ready to sell or just in the mood for a fresh start for the year.

✔ Organize closets

Linen, bedroom, coat, kitchen, laundry, and pantry closets are all good places to clean out. It’s a good time to eliminate clutter and donate to your local charities. Cleaning out clutter helps buyers to see the amount of storage space your home has to offer.

✔ Carpets and wood flooring

Have a professional company come out and clean your dirty carpets and ask them to look at your carpets to see if you need them re-stretched. If you have wood or tile flooring make sure you clean those as well. You can touch up grout in the tile or shine up the wood floors.

✔ Freshen up walls

Wipe down walls, trim, light switches, and molding from dirt and fingerprints. Then after you’ve cleaned up the walls and trim, go around and touch up any chipped or worn paint. Power wash the exterior of your home and do any touch-up paint on the base and trim.

✔ Windows

Clean windows and screens inside and out. A home shows better with clean windows to be able to see the green grass outside or those beautiful views.

✔ Tile

Bathroom and kitchen tile need that deep scrubbing to clean up the grout and re-caulk where needed too, especially in the tub and shower area where it gets a lot of moisture and use. A dirty shower/tub area doesn’t show well.

✔ Furnace

Have a licensed HVAC company service and clean your furnace and air conditioning units. This should be done once a year and your filter should be changed once a month during the time you use the equipment. When it is time for a home inspection, keep your receipts to show you had them cleaned and inspected!

✔ Garage

De-clutter….yes, buyers look in the garage and yes, it’s good to have them de-cluttered too! This is a good time to have a garage sale and eliminate all the items that are being stored in the garage.

✔ Fireplace

Have a chimney company come over and clean and check your fireplace. It’s good to have this done once a year and even on gas fireplace units. Also, keep your receipts to show prospective buyers this has been done.

✔ Gutters

Clean your gutters. This will help when we have rain so that the gutters can do their job and drain properly away from your roof and house. Also, make sure you have downspouts pulling the water away from the house and foundation.

✔ Fire and CO Detectors

Change out and check batteries for both devices. These devices do expire so make sure you check the expiration date on each device in the house. Did you know that it’s Colorado state law to have carbon monoxide detectors in your home no more than 15 ft away from all bedrooms? This is a must when you list your home!

✔ Lawn

Clean up all the winter debris and leaves so your grass can start getting all the spring moisture. Call a landscaping company to come out and aerate the lawn. Check all your sprinkler zones and make sure they are working properly and hitting all areas of your lawn and gardens. All of these spring cleaning ideas are a good idea every year whether you are thinking of listing your home or not.

Please call us if you need any additional suggestions to get your property ready to sell!

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