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Getting to Know Meridian Ranch

September 19, 2016

Who Runs Meridian Ranch?

Maybe you’re just scoping Meridian Ranch from afar. Or maybe just want to know—WHO RUNS MERIDIAN RANCH? I did. This post kicks off the Brain Builder series for Meridian Ranch at Falcon Colorado. You ready?

Sure, there’s no such Meridian mayor running the place. But are you wondering…WHY ISN’T THERE A HOMEOWNER’S ASSOCIATION? If you’re just getting into Meridian Ranch, you’ll likely find this answer on some FAQ online – or maybe scattered everywhere online. But if you’re like me, you had no clue on this. And you’re reading now to get to the skinny. So here goes:


Stonebridge enclave does. Ah ha! Got you. Here’s where the Catch 22s begin. If you know them all, that’s fabulous! But if you’re new (or busy like me), anyone can find the setup confusing. Wondering who maintains the common grounds? The parks? The trails? Storm drains? Sewer? And all that stuff out there?

Who Does What in Meridian Ranch?

Or in longwinded Germanic-Latin: the “Meridian Service Metropolitan District” takes stead. Keyword here is “Service.” We see these guys driving everywhere in their white trucks helping us.  They do everything from supplying water, growing our rec center, contracting street light maintenance, parks, trails, entrance monuments…you get it. Here the Service District functions like a HOA, but instead of being private like a HOA, it’s a public entity formed under Colorado law. Now for the second catch (mostly for the uninitiated): Service District doesn’t enforce covenants.  Instead, they’re on record as being part of a “special district” serving Meridian Ranch.  Just think about that relaxing lazy river for those kiddos at the 42,000 square foot YMCA. Or that enormous hot tub at the new indoor pool (for us big Kiddos!). Third Catch: The Meridian Service Metropolitan District doesn’t do everything a HOA usually does. In the big picture, they don’t remove snow, unless it’s trail snow. And if you’ve haven’t yet just arrived, the Service District doesn’t remove garbage. Most notably, the Meridian Service Metropolitan District doesn’t govern those pesky architectural and covenant issues…those naughty “CC&R” violations.  If you know a guy who’s had a dead tree in their yard for four months, there’s a second group enforcing CC&Rs. Who does that?

The Meridian Ranch Design Review Committee

Or more correctly said (with stylish British accent please) the “Design Review Committees.”  What a DRC does do like a HOA is function like an architectural committee. Here the DRCs approve new changes for homes and landscaping plans. And, unlike the Service District (if we’re slacking) the DRC will write us up for covenant violations. Perhaps you’ve been there?  I have, and yes, you’ve got to still love the DRCs—Meridian Ranch property values are crushing it this year! For both current and new Ranch folk, this leads to yet a Fourth Catch: DRCs don’t maintain our roads (El Paso County does), and the DRCs don’t pay for those snow plow trucks zooming the Ranch in January (El Paso County does).

So let’s pause there. We just said DRCs? Yes, to make this awkward, there are two DRCs for Meridian Ranch. And yes, the odds of guessing your DRC number correctly is logically equivalent to flipping coins in your pocket. Try it one day (just not while driving Londonderry). But seriously, your DRC is based on your home’s location. Click here to find yours. Finally, to make this more awkward, Meridian’s Stonebridge community doesn’t have a DRC!  Stonebridge has a ________ (kindly fill in the blank, or click here if you’re paying attention ( : 


Okay, a h-o-a lot of info making us a little smarter in our neighbor talk, so let’s stop there! I’ve got to go now. But you’re probably wondering, how the Meridian Service District gets funding? Or maybe you’re “nail-biting” confused between that name “Ranch” District and “Service” District? Maybe you have no clue. Relax! We’ll cover that in my next Brain Builder post…

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