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Downtown Central Colorado Springs – Local Lineup

November 18, 2020
Springs Homes Local Lineup

Over the last several years, Downtown Colorado Springs has quietly been establishing itself as an energetic, eclectic, and downright fun place to work, live, and play. Major projects like the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum, Robson Hockey arena at Colorado College, and the new Switchbacks Stadium, along with a litany of new bars, restaurants, luxury hotels, and apartment buildings have energized this area.

Our challenge was to isolate five local favorites to highlight, this was a difficult task but here are the results.

Things to do Outdoors in Downtown Colorado Springs

Things to do Outdoors in Downtown Colorado Springs
Homes for Sale Downtown Colorado Springs
Legacy Loop

Legacy Loop is our choice for outdoor activities. This loop consists of a roughly 10-mile trail, a park, and a recreation loop that goes around downtown Colorado Springs. The loop is actually a conglomeration of three older trails: The Pikes Peak Greenway to the west and south, Shooks Run trail to the east, and the Rock Island Corridor to the north. Legacy Loop connects all three into a much more significant system.

While the loop is a little light on amenities, it does offer ample parking in a superior location for anyone looking to run, bike, or hike in the downtown area.

Best Food in Northwest Colorado Springs

COATI Downtown Colorado Springs
Best Food in Northwest Colorado Springs

The “Coati” is a cat-sized animal found in the southwest United States as well as South and Central America. The animal is sometimes referred to as a Tejon and this is coincidently where this treasure of an establishment is located.

While Coati might be a strange name for a restaurant, it’s really a nod to Colorado Springs’ rebellious spirit. This place is so much more than a restaurant, it’s actually five restaurants and three bars under the same roof. Located in the old trolley garage building on South Tejon Street, Coati offers a big open seating atmosphere surrounded by bars and restaurants.

Bring a group, everyone can order from a different restaurant and meet back at the table to enjoy. Think of this as an epicurean, hipster, food court with entertainment from local bands and craft cocktails and beer along with desserts from the XOXO sweets bar.

This concept is popular in cities like Denver and Albuquerque, and now Colorado Springs. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, you can visit with or make new friends around the outdoor fire pits or in the large dining room. Give Coati a visit, we think it will quickly make your favorites list.

Where to take your Pets in Downtown Colorado Springs

Pet Stores Downtown Colorado Springs
Bon Pet Supply
Where to take your Pets in Downtown Colorado Springs

Bon Pet Supply has been a fixture in the Bon Shopping Center since 2012. They carry a wide variety of pet foods, treats, toys, and supplements. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.

Bon pet supply was an early purveyor of CBD for pets which we hear from owners of older pets really helps ease the aches and pains these animals can feel.

They offer a wide range of unique supplies for an urban pet store besides CBD products, like chicken feed, and a wide range of specialized cat foods. Bon Pet Supply has a strong and loyal following, if you stop by chances are you’ll be hooked as well.

Drinks in Downtown Colorado Springs

Coffee and drinks downtown Colorado Springs
Wild Goose Meeting House
Drinks in Downtown Colorado Springs

Wild Goose Meeting House is as unique and comfortable as the name suggests. This is a great place to hang out and get some work done. Wild Goose offers some fantastic hot coffee drinks, iced nitro coffee, and teas. There is a bar featuring a really fine selection of wines, as well as local and regional brews.

Wild Goose has a private meeting room (the nest) available to groups of 10 or fewer. Complete with fast internet, flat-screen TV for presentations, and an exterior door for private access.

In a time where working at home is becoming more common, Wild Goose is a really nice change of pace, stop in, do a little work, and grab a coffee drink and a bite to eat in a warm friendly environment, before heading back to isolation.

Things to do for Families in Downtown Colorado Springs

America The Beautiful Park
Things to do for Families in Downtown Colorado Springs

America The Beautiful Park is a 16.9-acre park located at the western edge of downtown Colorado Springs. The park consists of a Playground, Walking Paths, a Picnic pavilion, and restrooms. The playground includes hammocks, spinner bowls, and turntables, this playground is a blast!

The park also provides access to both The Midland Trail and The Pikes Peak Greenway Trail. The park is also home to The “Julie Penrose Fountain”.
Designed by David Barber and Bill Burgess, this sculptural fountain represents the life-giving movement of water between the atmosphere and the earth.

Access to this park is a little difficult but once you get there, you’ll find plenty of parking and lots to do!

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