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Briargate Local Lineup

September 3, 2020
Springs Homes Local Lineup

Briargate is one area in Colorado Springs where there is no shortage of things to do or places to eat and drink, the challenge is to find the best local establishments. Briargate has some great national chains, and we spend our share of time there. The goal of our “Local Lineup” is to identify the best local talent for food, Drink, Outside things to do, things to do with family, and things to do with pets.

After our extensive research and testing, here is our list of local favorite things to do in Briargate.

Things to do Outdoors in Briargate Colorado Springs

John Venezia Community Park
John Venezia Community Park
Things to do Outdoors in Briargate Colorado Springs

John Venezia Park is one of the newest parks in the area. Located at the corner of Briargate Parkway and North Union Blvd. This place is very active, especially during the summer months. This park was developed on a ranch theme, with the idea that it would resemble an old homestead. The large pavilion and picnic are named “The Homestead.” “The Corral” is a playground and shade shelter that features universal accessibility. “The Watering Hole” is a small water park/spray ground.

The park also offers playing fields, in-line hockey, basketball courts, and four pickleball courts. The picnic facilities and playing fields can be reserved for personal use. This park is a fantastic asset to the Briargate community, definitely worth your time to take a look.

Best Food in Briargate

Irish Food in Colorado Springs
Best Food in Briargate

Abby’s Irish Pub is our choice for food. This place is a small pub located in a shopping center just west of the Cordera subdivision and north of Briargate Parkway. While the beer and whiskey selection is impressive the food is the real star here.

The menu offers a solid base of classic Irish fares like Boxtys, Bangers and Mash, Corned Beef and Cabbage, and a Traditional Irish Breakfast. Additionally, there are more traditional items like the Boneless Short Rib Dinner and an assortment of sandwiches and burgers.

Abby’s also has a classic kids’ menu, which is great because it’s a friendly place to take the kids. There are many TVs for the sports fan, and the atmosphere is very laid back. For a great night out, Abby’s is a home run.

Drinks in Briargate Colorado Springs

Buffalo Bills Bar Colorado Springs
Drinks in Briargate Colorado Springs

Back East Bar and Grill is our choice for drinks. This is a locally owned neighborhood bar & grill that heavily emphasizes the finer foods of Buffalo, NY. The owner grew up in western NY, where he learned to cook, and in 1997 started in Colorado Springs with a pizza and subs place on the south end of town. Later he moved to the Briargate location and has seen a loyal following ever since.

Back East is a great spot for sports fans, especially Buffalo Bills fans. It’s the official watch party location for the Buffalo Bills here in Colorado Springs. They have 19 TVs and broadcast all of the major games weekly. This is a great place for sports fans of all ages, with a classic bar menu, a great drink selection, and plenty of entertainment on non-game nights. A popular activity at Back East is their “live trivia” night. Well worth the drive, even if you don’t live in Briargate.

They also have a Monument location for those who live in Northern El Paso and Douglas Counties.

Pets in Briargate

Pets in Briargate Promenade Shops
Promenade Shops at Briargate
Promenade Shops at Briargate

The pet feature for Briargate is The Promenade Shops at Briargate. This is a pet-friendly open-air mall that consists of higher-end national retail shops and some great restaurants. Pets are always welcomed at the mall on the sidewalks outside of the shops but If you bring your pet, look for the “Pets Welcome” Decal in the windows of shops that allow pets inside.

This mall has become the upscale retail destination for Colorado Springs residents eliminating much of the need to go further north to Denver. The shops host pet-friendly events throughout the year, like Bark at Briargate, Pints for Paws Brewfest, and our favorite, “Goat Yoga”

If you are looking for something fun to do with your pets, this is it!

Things to do for Families in Briargate Colorado Springs

Briargate BMX Park
Briargate BMX Park
Things to do for Families in Briargate Colorado Springs

Rampart Park is a really nice complex located behind Rampart High School, this location features a dog park, basketball court, baseball field, and more. Our favorite feature at this park is the Pikes Peak BMX track. This track is open to the public but is the home base for the Pikes Peak BMX. This organization does a great job growing the BMX culture here in Pikes Peak by getting kids involved in the sport and coaching them up.

Stop by the track on a Saturday morning and check out the activity, it’s pretty infectious. The kids are having a blast and actually exercising! They can’t hold a phone or game controller when their hands are gripping the handlebars, it’s a nice change of pace, and the kids love it.

If you think your kids might be interested in BMX as a sport, this is the place to get them involved.

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